Security Infrastructure

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Security infrastructure is literally ALL the security systems working together in order to mitigate risk to malicious activity from both internal and external sources. There are many ways to initiate security systems and as of 2012 Bright Networks has begun distributing Security Solutions to its clients.

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Access Control

At Bright Networks we offer a variety of Access Control Solutions, such as biometric Access Control (finger print).


Bright Networks provide both glass and steel turnstiles as a security measure for high traffic areas within large corporations or public locations.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance is a big part of what we do here at Bright Networks. It is the largest part of our security infrastructure.

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Visitors & Parking Management

Visitor and Parking management are a vital part of a business and therefore we have introduced theses systems as a convenience to you.

Boom Barriers

We provide modern boom gates as part of our security solutions to clients and is a necessary access control varient.

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Electric Fencing

As part of our security solutions we have included electric fencing solutions because we know that to protect our assets we need to minimise access to them.

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