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Audio and Visual technologies refer to the processing of either a sound or a visual component and often both components simultaneously. Audio and Visual Solutions have a vast definition and are varied according to purpose. Here at Bright Networks we have a large variety of solutions for all your Audio-Visual needs

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Boardroom & Meeting Rooms

Bright Networks provide Audio Visual solutions for board and meeting rooms as they are important to any business for preserving communication effectively.

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IP Streaming / Signage

IP streaming is as simple as it seems. It is the streaming of audio visual over internet protocols.

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Audio Distribution

Audio distribution includes a single line input (eg: microphone), and outputs multiple line outputs. There are varients of audio distribution. Contact Us for more information.

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Regardless of the institution Bright Networks is your choice for Auditorium solutions as we understand the basic need for quality Audio Visual networks.

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In-Room Entertainment

Our in Room Entertainment provides clients with solutions such as televisions and much more

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HDMI Switching

In order to switch from one HD source to another, a receiver has to have at least two incoming HDMI ports and at least one outgoing port that links to a monitor or television.

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Voice Evacuation / PA

Voice evacuation systems are a growing solution for many businesses and schooling institutions as they are systems used for safety.

DStv over Fibre

With thanks to DStv we as South Africans are able to stream DStv over fibre data connections

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White Noise Systems

White Noise Systems are used to increase production in office environments by adding background noise which masks other noise.

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