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DIY DStv Fibre Kit 4 (Standard)

Our DStv Fibre Kit 4 consists of:

  • 2x DStv Explora 3
  • 1x GTU Quad MK3
  • 1x Unicable Smart Switch
  • 3x IR TV Link Eye
  • 1x 2m Fibre Patch Lead

R5,769.95 - VAT incl

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The DStv Fibre Kit 4 Product Information is as follows:

  • DStv Explora 3

The DStv Explorer 2 is the new generation decoder of the Explora Range. It successes the Explora and now features a more compact and elegant design.

The DStv Explora 2 is MultiChoice’s newest PVR Decoder and replaces the DStv Explora. Although the Explora 2 has a smaller Hard Drive than the original Explora, it still keeps all the unique features from the original. It has an upgrade remote with the A7 Remote replacing the A6 and be used with both DStv Explora’s as well as normal DStv HD Decoders. It includes a dedicated ShowMax feature button and is also backlit. It runs DStv Catch UP as well as Box Office and is XtraView capable.

  • GTU Quad

The GTU Quad converts optical power to RF power with all units having built-in AGC, allowing a wide dynamic range of optical powers without affecting output quality.

The GTU Quad is for use directly with the STB/Faceplate. It has 4 F Type connectors as well as a 2.1mm power supply jack. The GTU Quad can be powered via the satellite outputs and used with either the Optical LNB or the ODU32. (PSU NOW INCL)

  • Unicable Smart Switch

The Unicable Smart Switch can be used to connect the DStv Explora to existing installations within complexes or flats where customers do not make use of their own satellite dishes. It can also be used in MUD installations to easily connect multiple XtraView decoders to the satellite signal. The switch has been specifically designed for DStv and has 4 UniCable outputs as well as 4 Universal outputs for a full switch solution.

  • IR TV Link Eye

This compact digital link is ideal for LCD and Plasma TVs. It works by boosting your signal from your DSTV Digital receiver to enable you to view in other rooms throughout your home and allow control of your DSTV Digital satellite receiver from anywhere. It has an adhesive base for flexible installation.

  • 2m Fibre Patch Lead

High-Quality Fibre Patch Lead connects from the Fibre box to the GTU Unit.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 48.6 × 32.8 × 27.8 cm


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